Becky Make Believe EP

by Becky Make Believe

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released March 1, 2005

Recorded at Moontower Studio, Cambridge, MA in Feb 2005.

Sean White: vocals and guitars
Dave Grant: guitars
James Rodrigues: bass
Mike Penney: drums

Mixed at Moontower.
Sonic fix-up and art by Aaron.



all rights reserved


Becky Make Believe Amherst, Massachusetts

Five friends from the University of Massachusetts Amherst who played music from 2002 to 2005.

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Track Name: Bingo Gun
Wake up
Rooster’s moaning so wake up
China’s sleeping so come on
Speed off like a car
You won’t ‘cause you aren’t

You’re always talking ‘bout leaving
Always talking ‘bout how you
Shine bright like a star
You won’t ‘cause you aren’t

back on things you were something
A luminescent fish glowing
Admired from afar
You won’t ‘cause you . . .

You won’t ‘cause you aren’t

You’re one note daddy
and you’re all washed out
With your long necks saddled
with your stupid mouth
Talking change
Too afraid to get scarred
Expecting any moment
you could just shoot off like a star

You won’t ‘cause you aren’t
Track Name: Oh My Love
Ramona’s favorite song is "Runaround Sue"
Hums it as she leaves to visit a “friend”
I got suspicious tried following out in the rain
She tied me back with forty links of chain

Oh my love what have they done to you?
Lights down, the bells all ring untrue

Inspectors in the park had caught her on film
Assassins on my heart what could I do?
showed her the tape, she spoke words back
bold and true
She said, "Why would I want one man?
I could have two...
or three or four or more."

Oh my love, what have they done to you?
Lights down, the bells all ring untrue

Oh my love what have they done to you?
Lights down, the bells are ringing

Come on come on a hey hey
Come on and move away
Come on come on a hey hey
Go on and shut your face

Oh, oh my, my love,
What have they done to you?
Track Name: Alpine Pilot
I want to vent my frustration
These meaningless words
could use replacement
Just five men out on the commons
But I bet my life
one day they’ll be comin’

And when they sing along
If they can sing it out
And when they sing it out
Deep breath we all can start again

My voice box ain’t too complacent
Caught in a lock down at
the police station

There’s a sun ray creeping in with light
There’s a crack begun to fill
There’s a moan that wakes you
from your sleep
There’s sound down from the hill
You can crash and burn a hundred times
Still you know that it is right

Gonna rise up tonight
Gonna rise up tonight

Rising from the pavement
Like a sound up off the pavement
Hear a crash out on the pavement
Hear ‘em burning on the pavement

In the morning, the pavement
They’ve been riding the pavement
There’s a sound down
on the pavement
There’s a sound
and it’s coming for you

I’m not only one man
I am big in Japan
I sing it to my fans
And bring it to my friends
I sing it to the end

Sing to the end